One thought on “Should Wall Street Walk Free???”

  1. and the tea party patriots fight back with this:

    “In times of economic disarray, can we really find solutions in free markets?

    Or did the economic meltdown of 2008 prove once and for all that the free market cannot be trusted and will always fail us in the long run?

    In this engaging lecture series from some of the best Christian authorities on the subject, speakers Dinesh D’Souza, David Bahnsen, Andrew Sandlin, Jay Richards, and Robert Sirico argue that, despite the collectivism of the left and the Randianism of the right, the Bible clearly teaches free enterprise—but that no free market can survive without the Christian worldview.

    Moral Capitalism makes the case for a virtuous system of free market principles that takes both the economic and moral high ground, for without a firm foundation of biblical morality, either centralized economic planning will impoverish a nation, or the ravenous greed of selfish men will poison the hearts of its people.”

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