Anarchists Move Into Position to Fight for Freeloader Bundy

English: Bureau of Land Management logo

English: Bureau of Land Management logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you are a cattle rancher and your ranch is not big enough to support your livestock you pay grazing fees… on public AND private land.

Gopherus agassizii photographed in the Mojave ...

Gopherus agassizii photographed in the Mojave desert. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When someone makes an agreement for a specific number of heads and ends up with seven times the number without paying agreed grazing fees for more than twenty years, that makes you a deadbeat. It makes you a thief. And on this disputed grounds… Bundy’s livestock is trampling the endangered desert tortoise.

Hijacking keywords (freedom, liberty, tyranny, god, among others) to incite more freeloaders and their weapons to northern Nevada for the final confrontation with the feds. A bunch of fools helping a thief. A well armed militia. And these militias are headed to NV to shoot police. Yes… some of them are already there.

Bundy has his own land. If he doesn’t want to pay grazing fees, let him buy feed like other ranchers instead of stealing it from me. Can’t support your cattle by purchasing feed? SELL THE HERD like other ranchers do in a drought or other times of trouble. Herds are increased and decreased in size for a plethora of reasons.

This is not some new over-reaching government. This is not Obama‘s private army going after Bundy. It’s just rule of law.

Ranchers have willingly paid below market grazing fees for more than 100 years, Yet this douchebag is using people to start a militia with a bunch of haters. We all know how that will end.

Public lands held by the National Forest Servi...

Public lands held by the National Forest Service and the Bureau of Land Management in the Western US. Data from (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Claiming federal action via Bureau of Land Management or law is unconstitutional is a perversion of the constitution and/or the first amendment. This is no great CONstitutional battle. It’s a bunch of uneducated and misinformed sheep who have no understanding of business or federal land or mining rights, or oil rights or any rights.

You don’t want to pay your taxes, you don’t want children in school. You want the hungry to die, you only want white people to vote, you don’t want to pay your own medical bills or buy insurance… frankly… you are not an american in spirit. You are a freeloader… all of you and all of them. Deadbeats!

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Las Vegas Monorail (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Las Vegas monorail was a great idea that because of political pressures wasn’t implemented to its full potential. In its current form the system doesn’t service visitors effectively, because it doesn’t go to the airport or downtown. Expanding the system would create jobs for a state with the highest unemployment rate in the country and transform the current system into a viable, effective system that would serve the needs of transporting Las Vegas visitors and provide a hub for future expansion to the rest of the Las Vegas valley.

Español: Monoriel del hotel Hilton en Las Vegas

Español: Monoriel del hotel Hilton en Las Vegas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)