The Year of Happiness and Love
The Year of Happiness and Love (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Question: What is the best way to determine happiness factor of the university students if you were conducting a research? What kind of methods would you use? Currently i’m involved in a research related to well-being/happiness of the students in my university. Any idea is appreciated. THANKS A LOT! Plus, i’m going to determine individual and social factors that make my university students happy. I wanna emphasize if there is any difference between local students and international students. ” – by ” Jenny

English: Emotions associated with happiness
English: Emotions associated with happiness (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



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Answer: Hummm…looking at the “happiness” of a group is too broad of a spectrum as people define being happy differently, it becomes unmeasurable. Happiness is an attribute of their overall perception and although it can be defined, in research it’s too multifaceted. What you could do (I’m assuming that you’re an undergraduate researcher?) is create a survey based on the student’s satisfaction of very specific situations, or events. Thus the control group would be the section(s) of students you’re looking at (ie undergraduate math students at xxxxx university), the independent variables would be the specific survey questions you’re asking, and the dependent variable would be what your measuring-their satisfaction (which is being manipulated by the independent variable). What you need to do is design very specific questions about aspects of their experience of services at your university. Then create a template and scale that ranks ‘most satisfied’ with a higher number. As students respond to your questions they will be able to rate their satisfaction and you will then be able to graph the groups total responses. After you get those number’s you can further your research by asking more specific questions OR you could make an open ended sort of survey that seeks to establish what the students would change based on what was least satisfying to them (please note these type of answers will not be measurable but you could measure the amount of students that follow-up”). With this initial work you could then prove that the student’s overall happiness/well being is directly correlated to their perceived level of satisfaction (which is measurable) based on your results. Good luck 🙂

Answer By: MelB


happiness (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Question: He states that love has nothing to do with happiness and one will never bring the other as they are two completely different feelings and serve two different purposes to our life. Agree? Disagree? Thoughts? There are no wrong or right answers, I am just wanting opinions. Thanks in advance. PS- don’t tell me this should be asked in the Philosophy section. Love is spiritual to many people, and I specifically want the people of R&S to voice their opinions. ” – by ” Cassie Weapons of Mass Seduction

Answer: Love isn’t a feeling. What he called love is something else. He apparently is describing attraction or infatuation. An instinct. A byproduct of / companion to “Will to Live”. (Wille zum Leben, see also Nietzsche) To me this is not love. He says: â€oThe growing passion of two lovers, one for another is, properly speaking, nothing more than the will to live of the new fellow that they can and want to procreate… But what reveals in conscience as sexual instinct having as object one determined person, is will taken for itself, under the form of a perfectly induced fellow that aspires to life” He is suggesting that the illusion of love tricks man into carrying on with the drudgery of life, serving the primary purpose of advancing the overall well being of the species and not individual happiness. Once we have the semantics clarified, I would agree to some extent that infatuation and sexual attractions serve something more primitive than achieving happiness. I subscribe to Erich Fromm‘s definition and Philosophy on Love. In his paradigm, Love is essential to happiness.

Answer By: Ms Stevie II, unplugged


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Question: We all have our own truths, and for some those truths bring us happiness and for others, not so much… Some of us may at times try to share our beliefs with others… Sometimes this may be imposing. What are your beliefs? Do you feel happy, worried, or indifferent because of them? Also, how are those around you affected by your beliefs? Do your beliefs inspire happiness in others, or do they oppress the happiness of others? ” – by ” PAUL

Answer: I find your questions very interesting. My beliefs don’t always bring me happiness, but they are true. Sometimes gravity doesn’t make me happy, but it’s true as well. Sometimes truth trumps happiness. Sometimes believing something that makes you happy, but isn’t true, isn’t the wisest route. I am one of those people that finds it hard to deny evidence in order to maintain a belief that is fanciful, over the truth the evidence points to. I guess you could say I’m not good at denial. I wish I was, because I think I’d be happier if I could just ignore lots of things.

Answer By: eiere


Question: This is a question proposed in Huxley’s “Brave New World” and has intriguied me for a good time now. What would our world be like today if people stopped focusing on their happiness and happiness all together? Is happiness something that is required for humans or are we creating a vice for ourself by being so focused on said happiness? What about a world that concentrates on misery instead of happiness? ” – by ” Drillprp

Answer: I believe focusing on happiness is a fruitless effort. Happiness is not something that can be found… it is something that will simply come to you once you understand the following… Happiness… To appreciate what is, To create what is not, To provide for what is yet to be. The Creator of Happiness (Book I’m currently writing) The focus on happiness leads to looking to material possessions, money, relationships, and/or drugs. All of those things are dependencies that will come to an end.. once they do end… happiness ends as well. Once people truly know how to appreciate… once they truly understand that they can create whatever they want… and once they provide for something greater than just themselves… They will know happiness. Create, Inspire, Enjoy, -OutsideTheBox

Answer By: OutsideTheBox


Bring Back My Happiness
Bring Back My Happiness (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Question: Life without its full range of emotions is bland. Eternal “life” and happiness in heaven? I don’t think so. I’d be reduced to a dull lifeless clone. ” – by ” Punky (Punk Atheist)

Answer: I don’t believe in heaven but I don’t think sorrow is necessary for happiness either. I don’t think bad is necessary for good, or ugly is necessary for pretty etc. If you had a bus full of hot chicks they would ALL still be hot.

Answer By: Danger


Question: Is it wrong to aim for happiness because happiness is just one positive feeling out of many life has to offer, e.g. other good feelings are excitment, love, satisfaction, facination,etc and so forth ” – by ” Cybernator

Answer: From a saint to a sinner all aim at happiness therefore it i not wrong to aim But it is necessary to understand happiness When you have a desire and the desire is fulfilled the mind temporarily ceases and you experience happiness in you The happiness was always in you disturbed by mind when mind at rest you found it This happiness our real nature is experienced in sleep where there is no mind no experiences no thoughts etc To find this total happiness your real being is fulfillment all others only create agitations

Answer By: hemachandrudu


Question: For example if someone is unhappy because their life is not going so great and I am happy and smiling everyday, and my life is happy and going great does that mean that I am rubbing my happiness into their face even though I am not bragging about how wonderful my life is to them. I am just smiling and showing the fact that I am happy. Is that rubbing it in? What is a person suppose to do hide their happiness and become miserable because another person is? ” – by ” .

Answer: sometimes people get annoyed with themselves and thier own lives not working out the way they want and it makes them bitter. its not that you being happy is upsetting them because its personal, its more about how they are jealous in a way. there is nothing wrong with expressing happiness, but just like expressing being miserable, be mindfull of the time and place and how others are feeling, and by doing this, you will be less likely offending someone.

Answer By: Aarxn82


Question: I believe that the meaning of happiness portrayed here in America is empty. In America, happiness largely depends on money, beauty, status, etc. It’s about making lots of money and having a successful occupation. It’s about having High-Definition televisions and the newest phone or mp3 player. These things, though, are all material. I do not believe they will bring me true happiness. If what my culture has told me will bring me happiness (material goods and occupational success) will not, what is the true bringer of happiness? ” – by ” D-Rock

Answer: I think it has something to do with acceptance. When you accept that happiness is a part of life that comes and goes, you’ll no longer have to struggle with it. When something is imposed on you, like socially-defined standards of happiness, you resist (don’t accept) it because it doesn’t make sense for you. I think this means you have to define happiness for yourself, and recognize (accept) that even self-evaluated happiness comes and goes. The true bringer of happiness? Multiple things. The true recipient of happiness? You.

Answer By: terrestrial


Question: Aristotle said that understanding virtue would give one a better insight to happiness. I want to know why Aristotle thinks we should be happy at all and why our soul should have this eternal pleasure. ” – by ” dance for december

Answer: People in general want happiness. The pursuit of happiness is what people are after. There is enough pain and sadness in the world.

Answer By: Mr. Charming


Question: There are innumerable definitions of “happiness.” Certainly the word is very subjective. While we all have variations of what we believe happiness is, it is certain that riches, fame, prestige, and so many wonderful personal resources in life to not make us happy. While we are affected by them, and those type things are greatly beneficial, having them does not in any way constitute happiness. What do you believe defines true happiness? Does love have anything to do with this? While happiness is connected with emotions and feelings of well-being, enjoyment and satisfaction, are there perhaps deeper things that cause true enjoyment to manifest in our lives? What are your thoughts? ” – by ” Just a writer at the sea…

Answer: My definition of true happiness is a feeling of complete satisfaction with your life and where you are going in your life. I guess what it comes down to is knowing that you yourself are “whole” and “complete” and love can definitely play a part in achieving that feeling.

Answer By: OppositeWorld O



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