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IN WHAT YEAR was “under god” added to ‘The Pledge Of Allegiance’?

I pledge allegiance to the FLAG(S) of the DIVIDED States of America and to the Republic for which it USED TO stand for, one nation, HELD HOSTAGE, with LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR SOME.

This might as well be the pledge of allegiance since it is just as accurate as what false patriots think it is now. Are you old enough to know the truth?

An excerpt from the September 8, 1892 Youth's ...
An excerpt from the September 8, 1892 Youth’s Companion with the original Pledge of Allegiance (the full page is available from ) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: Dorothea Lange picture of Japanese-Am...
English: Dorothea Lange picture of Japanese-American children reciting the pledge of allegiance (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


English: The Bellamy salute is the salute desc...
English: The Bellamy salute is the salute described by Francis Bellamy (1855–1931) to accompany the American Pledge of Allegiance, which he had authored. During the period when it was used with the Pledge of Allegiance, it was sometimes known as the “flag salute”. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Student pledging to the flag
Student pledging to the flag (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


We Have A Mission

I just joined something called the Internet Defense League — and I’m hoping you will, too. I joined because it’s important to stand up against the powerful industries that are tyring hard to lock down the net. Remember SOPA and PIPA? The people who wrote them are working on more bills to censor the internet, spy on users, chill innovation and generally wreak havoc with the web.

The Internet Blackout helped kill SOPA/PIPA with nothing more than websites and individuals working together to broadcast messages and actions. The Internet Defense League uses the tactics of the Blackout, but supercharged and ready to take on anything that corrupt congresspeople and big business can throw at us.

Join me in the League. Take your place in the fight for internet freedom.

The Internet Defense League works like this: organizers and members monitor Congress and industry for threats to internet freedom. When there’s a grave threat or unmissable opportunity, people use their websites, Twitter, Facebook or other social network accounts to display action messages about the threat and tools for taking action. When we rise up together, we’ll be impossible to ignore.

With SOPA and PIPA, internet users found a new ability to take a stand together when our rights are at stake. Our powerful protest surprised everyone, especially the congresspeople and lobbyists who wrote the bills. We made them see the internet in a new light, but they still don’t know what we’re really capable of. The next time internet freedom is threatened, we will be able to use the League to come out even stronger than we did last fall.

The Internet Defense League can be the strongest network in the fight for internet freedom – but it will only work if large numbers of people get on board. It would be great to have you standing with us.

Click here to get started.

There’s more about future threats, targets, and The League on the site. I hope you’ll join me.


Joint Chief Winnefeld: Time To Remember Vets ‘Who Have Given So Much’

Joint Chief Winnefeld: Time To Remember Vets ‘Who Have Given So Much’.

As America’s decade of war winds down, the vice chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff, Adm. James Winnefeld, and his wife Mary tell Newsmax TV that employers should now remember our returning veterans “who have given so much” on this Memorial Day weekend.

“I would say that all of our veterans who are coming home from this decade of conflict that we’ve had, they are wonderful people to employ,” explained the second-highest ranking military officer in the United States in an exclusive interview with Newsmax. “They need work when they decide to leave the military.”

Read more on Joint Chief Winnefeld: Time To Remember Vets ‘Who Have Given So Much’

Bring On Less Democracy

Bring On Less Democracy. (full article)

“Is anybody else as depressed as I am about the next four years?

No matter who wins, we face the prospect of bitterly divided government, savage partisanship in Congress, and increasing executive desperation. Even if Republicans win the Senate and retain the House, they will not have a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate; even if Obama holds on to the White House, he will face filibusters in the Senate and outright defiance in the House. A Congress that cannot deal with the tiny student-debt problem in orderly fashion is unlikely to be able to tackle big problems at all.

The response to legislative paralysis is, of course, executive aggrandizement. Charlie Savage of The New York Times laid out recently the turn by the Obama administration to executive authority as its means of governing the country. It’s entirely predictable; legislative fecklessness has led to Presidential power-grabbing for more than a century. And if Mitt Romney becomes President, he is already poised to follow the trend—witness his announcement that he will simply suspend the Affordable Care Act by executive order, a claim of prerogative that would, I suspect, make even John Yoo wince.”

Subject: No “get out of jail free” card for Wall Street bankers

If the financial crimes task force President Obama announced in his State of the Union speech doesn’t hand down criminal indictments soon, we might never see Wall Street bankers held accountable for causing the worst economic collapse since the Great Depression.

So it is deeply worrying that Congressman Brad Miller, who has been a real advocate for Wall Street accountability, recently said he was told months ago by the office of New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, one of the task force’s five co-chairs, not to expect criminal indictments from the task force.

If we want to see criminal Wall Street bankers behind bars, we must insist that President Obama and the co-chairs of the financial fraud task force do not take criminal prosecutions off the table.

I just signed a petition to them about this, and I hope you do as well.

There’s more information and an easy way to sign the petition at the link below.

Stop Monsanto Genetically Modified Food 4 Human Consumption

This fall, Monsanto, the corporation who produces roughly 90% of the world’s genetically modified seeds, will try to bring their new, GMO sweet corn to a grocery store aisle or farmer’s market near you.

Unlike Monsanto’s other GMO crops — which are primarily fed to animals — this sweet corn is intended for direct human consumption.

This is the first time Monsanto has engineered a vegetable that could be served straight to your dinner table. And if this unlabeled, and potentially toxic crop succeeds, Monsanto is sure to bring us even more.

As an activist and consumer, we are in a powerful position to pressure leading U.S. grocery stores to reject Monsanto’s new GMO corn.

I just signed a petition telling major grocery stores around the country that I don’t want Monsanto’s sweet corn on the shelves. Will you join me and help stop this unsafe food?


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