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Am I a “Cat Guy” or Just a Guy with a Cat? | Catster

cat (Photo credit: Kenny Teo (zoompict))

None of us can do everything, but I love knowing how to do a lot of things, and I love learning how to do new things. As I said before, I’m a generalist: I can fix my bicycle. I can change the oil in my motorcycle. I’ve helped put in a shower, as well as replace a roof and build a patio. When I was a kid, I worked summers on a family farm, driving tractors, baling hay, and feeding livestock. I’ve shot skeet, I’ve hunted, and I know how to disassemble and clean a gun.

At the same time, I’m not all gear-head. I also do various types of art — junk-sculpture, photography, painting — and I’ve had my work shown in small galleries and cafes. I got into journalism 22 years ago because I saw it as a chance to never stop learning. I’m paid to ask questions, to investigate things, and to tell other people about them. I’ve covered politics, crime, the arts, business, the law, and technology. I can write. I can edit. I can use my “people skills” to work a room or interview a person of note — say, Hollywood director John Waters. I went to night school and learned how to be a paralegal. I’ve been on numerous paranormal investigations. Occasionally I get on stage and perform, telling stories from my life that are part serious, part stand-up comedy. READ the complete article at the link below…

Am I a “Cat Guy” or Just a Guy with a Cat? | Catster.

About Keith Bowers: This broad-shouldered, bald-headed, leather-clad motorcyclist also has passions for sharp clothing, silver accessories, great writing, the arts, and cats. This career journalist loves painting, sculpting, photographing, and getting on stage. He once was called “a high-powered mutant,” which also describes his cat, Thomas. He’s also associate editor at Catster and Dogster.