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  • Quote the Breitbart – Deportation of the Bieber 25 January 2014

    “In a world as electronically connected as ours, other than shooting Bieber into the silent void of space (which the Geneva Convention lists as a war crime against space), there is nothing we can do to protect our children from the toxic effect this stunted Vanilla Ice has and will continue to have on our […]

  • Justin Bieber DUI Quotes to Live or Die By In Miami-Dade

    NO… says Marc. I am not a belieber in the bieber. Justin Bieber is a little spoiled douche that needs some tough lovin’ outside of protective custody in his Miami-Dade jail cell. >”Don’t forget impairment starts with the first drink and driving impaired is a crime.”—National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) radio script, July 2003. (The […]