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Commandments for a Modern World Losing it’s Religion: A Sermon on a Sunday

When Moses came down the mount, he had two plates and on them were commandments. According to legend, there were ten. Unfortunately, in a fit of rage, Moses spoke with his own interpretation of what was allegedly on those plates. We don’t really know what those commandments were… Why you ask? Eight generations passed before a single word of this was penned to paper. Can you say “Simon Says”?

So here we go in this modern world where religion has a smaller influence because of it’s intolerance and interpretations to fit an agenda that has no relevance today. Remember… We are told that Moses said… (before he allegedly threw the plates and destroyed them)… “Those who shall not live by the law, shall die by the law.” Sounds more like a christian fundamentalism chant as battle drums are heard… or a more understandable term… “Sharia Law

Moses with the tablets of the Ten Commandments...
Moses with the tablets of the Ten Commandments, painting by Rembrandt (1659) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)













1. Don’t like cigarettes? Don’t smoke one

2. Don’t like abortions? Don’t have one.

3. Don’t Like sex? Don’t do it.

4. Don’t like drugs? Don’t do them.

5. Don’t like gay marriages? Don’t get one and don’t divorce.

6. Don’t like porn? Stop pretending you don’t watch it.

7. Don’t like alcohol? Don’t drink it.

8. Don’t like guns? Don’t buy one or try to take mine away.

9. Don’t like your rights taken away? Then don’t take away someone else’s.

10. Thou shall NOT authorize, decree, order, sanction or legislate hatred and intolerance. Laws are meant to increase and/or clarify rights, expand rights, extend rights, elevate rights… not remove rights, take away rights, eliminate rights, get rid of rights or cause separation by law or rights.

Cropped screenshot of Charlton Heston from the...
Cropped screenshot of Charlton Heston from the trailer for the film The Ten Commandments. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


OC Couple Accused Of Locking Relatives Inside Dirty Mobile Home « CBS Los Angeles

1967 Elcona Mobile Home
1967 Elcona Mobile Home (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Between May 21, 2010, and May 20, 2013, the couple reportedly kept the mobile home, located at Satellite Mobile Homes Estate, unsanitary and uninhabitable for the two girls, ages 5 and 10. Conditions included: kitchen appliances covered in mold and cobwebs; stacks of trash, debris, mold, and feces throughout the home; a pile of used condoms under a stuffed teddy bear; and inoperable toilets.

After a call from a neighbor on May 20, 2013, an officer from the Anaheim Police Department went to the home to conduct a welfare check and found the victims with dirt crusted on their feet, matted hair and damaged teeth beyond repair.

OC Couple Accused Of Locking Relatives Inside Dirty Mobile Home « CBS Los Angeles.