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Quote of the Day 06 October 2013 ~ Opening Your Heart

Opening your heart and being courageous and telling people that you care about them or like them or that you think they’re special only makes you a better, bigger, kinder, softer, more loving person and only attracts more love in your life.
~ Amy Poehler

Opening Your Heart

Today’s quote of the day is because I slept through the season opener for Saturday Night Live…
About Amy Poehler:

Quote of the Day 03 October 2013 – I Am Never Alone

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Quote of the Day (Photo credit: Wikipedia) “I am never alone”

I am never alone wherever I am. The air itself supplies me with a century of love. When I breathe in, I am breathing in the laughter, tears, victories, passions, thoughts, memories, existence, joys, moments, and the hues of the sunlight on many tones of skin; I am breathing in the same air that was exhaled by many before me. The air that bore them life. And so how can I ever say that I am alone?

~ C. Joybell
<from Goodreads.com>

About this author:

C. JoyBell C. is best known for her love of cake, especially that of the red velvet nature. She is also known for her poetry, prose, novel-writing and is famed for her philosophical writings and speeches, many of which have been quoted in various books by different authors and can also be appreciated as incorporated by many artists into their diverse pieces. Moreover, there are those who simply want to look at her pictures! She will say to you “Céad míle fáilte!” (A hundred thousand welcomes!) and “A viaxe continúa!” (The journey continues!)

Can you say I am never alone and mean it at the same time?

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I am never alone with a slice of a 4-layer red velvet cake with cream cheese icing. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Quote of the Day – 02 October 2013 ~ The Easy Way

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Quote of the Day 02 October 2013 – The Easy Way

We learn in our guts, not just in our brain, that a life of joy is not in seeking happiness, but in experiencing and simply being the circumstances of our life as they are; not in fulfilling personal wants, but in fulfilling the needs of life; not in avoiding pain, but in being pain when it is necessary to do so. Too large an order? Too hard? On the contrary, it is the easy way.

~ Charlotte J. Beck

Quote of the Day 29 Sept 2013 – Hurt People Hurt People

Hurt people hurt people. That’s how pain patterns gets passed on, generation after generation after generation. Break the chain today. Meet anger with sympathy, contempt with compassion, cruelty with kindness. Greet grimaces with smiles. Forgive and forget about finding fault. Love is the weapon of the future.
From the blogger: My process of determining the quote of the day is often relative to my first cup of coffee in the morning. Most involve some sort internal spirituality but not religion, or belief in what has been written. However, I respect all religions and particularly the people who find a way to believe what they read. I reject the actions in the name of religion. I don’t and don’t know if I ever will. I was born with labels, yet, I learned from my experience to reject these labels. I believe religion is superstition.
Today’s quote of the day is a first. I quote from that, which I reject. Even though I reject, I do not ignore and I also read to understand or at least try to understand what or how or why so many flocks of people from different tribes believe in different scripture, words, fables, books. Countering someone’s belief system is necessary to invoke rational thought. It is irrational to think the answers to life, the guidance for life exists in books that are thousands of years old. As science and technology has brought us from the guilt and pain from these books, just try to convince a true believer. Just try and change someones life long belief system that only exist because someone or some people said “it is so”. I reject premise completely and find it hard to understand how some people can look themselves in the face while reading contradictory words in these books of fiction. Pure fiction.
All I want you (the reader) to do is think. Think for yourself. Which book is YOUR book and why do you believe what you believe?
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Yehuda Berg in his wisdom has said Hurt People Hurt People.

About the quote:

Yehuda Berg is the son of Philip Berg the founder of the Kabbalah Centre and is co-director of the centre with his brother, Michael Berg.

With his mother Karen Berg and other family members, he has taken on a greater leadership role in the Kabbalah Centre in recent years.

Yehuda Berg is an author. His book, The Power of Kabbalah, became an international best-seller[1] and his recent published book, The 72 Names of God, also is a best-seller.[1] He also directs the publishing of books by other authors, audio and videotapes created by the Kabbalah Centre.

Yehuda Berg was named Number 4 in Newsweek’s list of America’s Top 50 Rabbis.[2]

In 2009, GQ magazine’s The Gentlemen’s Fund honored him for being an Agent of Change in the field of Education.

In February 2009, Yehuda Berg launched a radio show on Sirius XM‘s Stars Channel entitled The Life You Create. The guest on the first show was Ashton Kutcher. (source – wikipedia)

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