Living in the nuclear wasteland of Las Vegas, you get used to having to find clean water. While the local water authority tells us how safe our water is, the fact remains the particulates far exceed federal standards… and thus if you fill a glass of water and let it evaporate you will be surprised at the color of the remaining sediment… orange. If you leave just enough water at the bottom… maybe a teaspoon and smell it, it may knock you out with nastiness.

As far as drinking I have moved forward to distillation of water. The result is 0ppm water. I then re-mineralize the water for taste. Out of the tap I average about 550ppm checked with my truncheon meter.

For horticulture it’s incredibly important to start out with clean water. Each variety of plant has limits to the amount of particulates it can uptake. If one plant will allow 800ppm before it chokes… and tap water is used, I can only add 250ppm of nutrient for the plant. The plant doesn’t care if the 800ppm is nutrient and/or inert or possibly toxic parts. By reducing the baseline to 0ppm (pure water) I can add nutrient to the full 800ppm… resulting in happier and greener plants producing (and fruiting) significantly better than if fed or watered by the tap.

Regulating the use of plastics really isn’t an option… or is it? Don’t we have too much regulation to begin with? Maybe not.

I stopped buying bottled water less than a year ago. I ride a motorcycle and it started getting more and more difficult to purchase multiple cases of water and since I’ve made the switch I’ve fallen in love.

Water is stored in GLASS BOTTLES!!! Imagine that.

And in case you think it’s any cleaner than your local tap water (hint: don’t count on it!), read this.


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