Community Garden Update

Yes… we have 10 germinated corn kernals, 10 soaked pole beans, 1 out of 5 pumpkin seeds have germinated. All seeds have germinated in about half of the projected time. We have no trellis. Someone is going to have to handle that… and quick. The basil just loved 107temp yesterday. Once we get everything out of the incubator i’m going to start more basil. And since we have a lot of germination today I have said “let there be light”.

We do have to work on the community part of the community garden. It’s still only two of us. I suppose if it ends up being “just the two of us”, “we can make it if we try” just the two of us. I don’t know how that tune just ended up in my head. we will have a bumper crop for ourselves… Just the two of us.

I should really write a book about various methods of seed germination… and cutting or cloning. It would probably sell one copy on

Epigeal germination of cowpea
Epigeal germination of cowpea (Photo credit: IITA Image Library)

The last crop to take care of is soy beans. I have to make room in the incubator.


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