Are you a BELIEVER? What do you believe?

Harley-Davidson (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Let’s just cut to the meat.  A strange series of events took place this morning to remind me of something significant in my life. continue reading…

I wake up at 6:20am… head to the kitchen and drop in a san francisco bay medium roast breakfast blend K-Cup. I headed out to the balcony… nice n cool… barely a breeze (I have shade in the morning and my balcony faces WNW). That first cup is great in the morning.

After the coffee I headed directly into the bathroom to take a shower… A quick one. Get out… do what I gotta do, get on the scale, head into my bedroom on a mission of wearing a black shirt today for no specific reason or cause… I picked a shirt that I haven’t worn for the longest time… it’s two sizes too big for me. A Harley Davidson shirt from Red Rock Harley Davidson in Las Vegas. My friend Chuck gave it to me a few years back, His next door neighbor owns the bike store and gave it to HIM, but he has no interest in bikes.

So, I put on this shirt… nice and soft, and comfortable and without thought.

I sit down at the computer… wake it up and it’s on Facebook… just where I left it before I went to sleep last night. Have another sip of coffee, turn on the TV. Turn OFF the tv, and THEN I focus on the monitor and I have a notification reminding me that tomorrow is my friend Chuck Edwards’ birthday. Tomorrow is September 22 and it’s my friend Chuck’s birthday. He’s been gone more than 3 years now. I completely forgot, yet was reminded by Facebook.

I thought to myself… It’s already tomorrow across the international date line… The first thing I thought of was Hong Kong. Went to an international time website and couldn’t help noticing it was 12:01am tomorrow, September 22. What do you believe?

I wake up… put on a certain shirt given to me by my friend Chuck before he passed, just by accident (or was it it accident?) that I haven’t worn in years… and only because it’s black… get notified by Facebook that tomorrow is chuck’s birthday… decide he’s in Hong Kong playing Penney slots… and it’s been his birthday for one minute. WTF???

Will someone explain this to me?


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