Intelligent Design Fail

“Given an infinite number of options and perfect foresight, would you design a world where children are raped?”

Deism (Photo credit: PinkMoose)

A question for Theists (Christians etc), Deists, & Agnostics: Would you design mental disease or defect that compels someone to abuse children?

If god did that, he can’t be a force for good and his words are meaningless.

Would someone please explain this to me?

Major religious groups
Major religious groups (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



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  1. jtourdet Avatar

    And many Atheists will attack the straw man of this idea of a benevolent God. If God exists, why is there so much suffering in the world? Well, just because God isn’t what you want it to be, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Maybe God transcends or is beyond human morality. Maybe God doesn’t give a damn about Planet Earth or the human race. Maybe God is a psychopath. But in any case, saying that there is no God just because it doesn’t work for you personally above all others is akin to a spoiled brat saying he has no parents just because they won’t buy him a Ferrari.

    1. Marc Avatar

      I hear that, I hear that. Let’s first say… “I’m no more atheist than you, I just believe in one less god than you.” (richard dawkins)

      I did pose a question… and your answer (if I am correct) is that because god doesn’t give a shit about children… or planet earth or maybe he is a psychopath… sounds like it comes from the mouth of lucifer. What is your argument for his existence? What is his excuse for him transcending human morality when he made “us” in his image… or so it is written and was written generations and generation after the game of simon says was started.

      I’m just curious and question everything. I believe in myself. I know that god is in me, but I can’t speak for others. While my god may be in a different image than yours, why should I believe the words of people who seek power, money and influence… and of course molest children.

      How does that make me spoiled?

      1. jtourdet Avatar

        I don’t really think that the best way to learn the true nature of God is to study religious dogma created by men. Such writing makes promises in the name of God based on the assumption that man is important to God. But in reality, the universe is vast and humanity is but a small part of it. Anyway, I’m a scientist and I believe that we can observe things about the world and make logical deductions about that. But how do you do the same for the unobservable? There is more to the universe than can be seen through the lens of rationality, and being open-minded about spirituality is merely an admission of that.

        1. Marc Avatar

          I don’t feel my studying religious dogma is learning about god. It’s learning about words and interpretations along with understanding and respecting the beliefs of those around me, although they may not be the same as mine.

          As a scientist you to make an assumption there is “A” god. What of the beliefs present and past of more than one god? Which one is to believed? How do you rationalize god in the face of so many visions of god(s). How does that fit into your science?

          In the absence of what we are “told” by books and translations, there would be no vision of a god or gods. It’s learned and not genetic or a fundamental part of our genetic imprint or instinct to look at or for some higher power.

          Being saved or born again is a learned activity. How do you rationalize that with science?

          You observe things about the world and make logical deductions based on what YOU observe… You ask me what of the unobservable… and I spin that back to you… how do you make scientific deductions in the absence of observation of something factual?

          In science there is no fixed path to an answer. You have to acknowledge that science relies on knowledge and not assumptions you can’t see or visualize as that is not knowledge… it’s fantasy.

          My study of religion and the books is not to choose one over the next one but more social or societal. My interest is in what makes someone a devotee to a belief other than peer pressure (so to speak). How is it that when it comes to religion or belief in god or what god may or may not have said a belief system in a specific god or flavor of god it IS fixed (unlike science). Why is a belief system so rigid and those with a specific belief system so unable and/or unwilling to explore or acknowledge someone else’s belief’s? Or come to a conclusion that an alternative belief is incorrect or wrong?

          I’m just looking for the key to the secret sauce from a marketing standpoint. I want the book of Marc dictated to me by aliens from outer space that come from the planet that jesus lives on.

          I, like you do not rely on the writing of others and their interpretations of something or things that were not written at the time of occurrence… for example… moses coming down the mount with ten commandments from “god” that he destroys before displaying them. What words did he change? Were there twelve commandments and he forgot the other two? Taking all of that into consideration how do we account for the fact that nothing was written of this alleged incident for eight generations. Did those that came before us have some larger brain capacity or cognitive abilities to go with the smaller body frames of the time? How could so much be remembered and written so far after the fact? Who, who wanted power and influence changed events to fit their sales pitch?

          How in the case of the KJV, did those who wrote remember so much of jesus after four generations?

          You are the christian and the scientist but not a christian scientist, so how do you answer my questions with scientific logic? Could jesus and his disciples be figuratively the same as joseph smith creating a derivative work of fiction with self anointed prophets???

  2. Joakim Johansson on Facebook Avatar

    Go the bible way, god created us in his image, evidently with all his flaws, any idiocy of giving us free will is an oxymoron, tha”You have no rights here… only privilege” Posts on do not necessarily represent the opinion of Marc Gilbert.

    1. Marc Avatar

      Which bible Joakim???

  3. Joakim Johansson on Facebook Avatar

    Mmmm, ure deep, read Assimov, the probe ?

  4. Marc Gilbert-Widmann on Facebook Avatar

    that’s not a bible… Asimov was a science fiction writer…”You have no rights here… only privilege” Posts on do not necessarily represent the opinion of Marc Gilbert.

  5. Joakim Johansson on Facebook Avatar

    Kind of made a mistake there, the books i was thinking of was the aRama-series by Arthur C Clarke, for a fun and shorter version, see childhoods end …

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