Surviving the Return of the Night Terror

I JUST awoke from one of my haven’t seen you in awhile night terrors. I haven’t had one in six months or more. Maybe two in the last year (that I remember), but then, I have always remembered them. Used to have them every night. They are the only dreams that I remember in full. If it doesn’t involve some sort of night terror, I remember the last 5-10 seconds. This one was quite a bit more detailed. AND, it kept me hostage for at least an extra hour. I slept until after 7am.

Night of Terror
Night of Terror (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I never did get on that flight. I did locate my carry-on… and still had my macbook and ipad in it. I also retrieved my Scottevest fleece 7.0 but maybe only 15 or so pockets still had tactical weapons… All other pockets were empty. But why the fuck would I bring my certificate of live birth to an airport??? And why did this particular airport have no security lines or did I just not get that far???

I did not sleep on my wedge that keeps my knees and upper body elevated. I slept on my side with a pillow in between my knees and memory foam under my head… again… I have not fallen asleep in a horizontal position on a flat bed in forever.

I took my usual night terror stoppers… a slow sleeper/mood enhancer and a knock me out dosage of benzodiazapine. I think I might have been projecting someone else’s terror???

If so, this is for you…

Oh what a beautiful morning,
Oh what a beautiful day,
I’ve got a wonderful feeling,
Everything’s going my way.


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